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Duration: 3.6 Years

B.Sc Nursing

Duration: 4 Years

Post B.Sc Nursing

Duration: 2 Years


Duration: 6 Years

D. Pharma

Duration: 2 Years

B. Pharma

Duration: 4 Years

Hotel Management

Duration: 1 OR 2 Years


Duration: 1 Years

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About us

Spark Career Advisors, a proud initiative of the Poudyal Education And Research Foundation, is committed to illuminating the paths of aspiring individuals. With a relentless dedication to nurturing talent, we offer a range of essential services. Our personalized Career Counselling empowers individuals to discover their true potential, while our transformative Skill Development programs ensure they are industry-ready. We believe that financial constraints should never hinder dreams, which is why we provide insights into Scholarships and Government Schemes. Additionally, we offer transparent guidance on Education Loans, ensuring a seamless educational journey. At Spark Career Advisors, we’re the catalyst for your success story.

Empowering Futures, Igniting Success:

Spark Career Advisors offer personalized Career Counselling, transformative Skill Development, Scholarships, Government Schemes insight, and transparent Education Loan guidance. Navigate your journey with confidence and realize your potential with us.

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